Catering for Dummies

spyseniering تَزْويدُ وَتَقْديمُ الأطْعِمَةِ في المآدِبِ والحَفَلات продоволствие fornecimento zásobování die Lieferung catering τροφοδοσίαcatering, aprovisamiento toitlustamine سورسات رسانی pitopalvelu approvisionnement שֵרוּתֵי הַסעָדָה खानपान dostava u kuću ellátás, élelmezés penyediaan makanan veitingaþjónusta catering 仕出し 요식업 viešas maitinimas sagādāšana; piegādāšana menyajikan makanan cateringcatering, matlevering aprowizacja سورسات رسونكى abastecimento aprovizionare поставка; обслуживание zásobovanie preskrba snabdevanje catering, tillhandahållande av mat (måltider) การบริการจัดส่งอาหาร yemek/yiyecek sağlama, ikram hizmeti 外燴 громадське харчування کھانا فراہم کرنے کا عمل công việc cung cấp lương thực, thực phẩm 供应伙食

→ تَوْرِيدُ الطَّعَام cateringové služby catering Catering κέιτερινγκ catering, servicio de comidas y bebidas pitopalvelu restauration opskrbljivanje hranom ristorazione ケータリング 케이터링 catering bevertning katering catering, serviço de bufê ресторанное обслуживание catering การจัดอาหาร catering việc cung cấp thực phẩm 饮食业

The company can offer catering providers for as much as five hundred guests with its team of a lot more than 20-5 culinary artists.

The intention of participating airlines was to "cut costs, reduce congestion within the cabin and give punters the chance to choose when to consume their meal".[eight] By demanding fewer galley House on board, the planes could offer more passenger seats.[nine]

2. To be especially attentive or solicitous; minister: The nurses catered to my each individual require. The laws catered to varied special desire groups.

まかなう 음식을 제공하다 tiekti maistą sagādāt; piegādāt (pārtikas preces) menyajikan maaltijden verzorgen levere mat zaopatrywać خواړه تېته كول: دضرورت وړشيانو تهيه كول: دضرورت وړشيانو تهيه كول abastecer поставлять провизию dodávať (jedlo) preskrbovati (s hrano) snabdeti hranom leverera mat (måltider), förpläga จัดอาหาร ikram hizmeti yapmak 送餐 постачати провізію کھانا بہم پہنچانا cung cấp lương thực 供应伙食

Grundsätzlich ist es möglich, auch für kleinere Gruppen entsprechende Products and services zu ordern, doch der Preis wird dann unverhältnismäßig hoch sein. Das lohnt sich nur, wenn das Price view publisher site range kein Problem ist und die Veranstaltung ein besonderes Menü erfordert.

Und wenn du pro Person nochmal thirty € drauf rechnest kommt das meist sehr intestine an Eure Kosten ran. Es sei denn ihr habt echt harte Trinker. Es sei denn ihr habt echt harte Trinker. Wenn ihr Kinder mit dabei habt, könnt ihr eigentlich quickly immer etwas aushandeln.

Giving & serving meals cater dish (sth) up dish sth out do the honours idiom gourmet honour place plate rustle rustle sth up self-catering serve serve sth up desk just take consider sth absent consider sth out wait around hold out at table(s) idiom whip See extra benefits »

A marriage caterer delivers food items on the marriage ceremony get together. The wedding ceremony caterer may be employed independently or could be A part of a offer made through the location.

Inside the 1930s, the Soviet Union, building extra basic menus, commenced creating condition general public catering institutions as Portion of its collectivization insurance policies.[four] A rationing program was carried out throughout Planet War II, and folks became used to general public catering.

References in vintage literature ? Clearly show the administration that this sort of turns are unpopular, and in every day, in An immediate, the management will stop catering these kinds of turns to its audiences.

What's more, already due to the fact 1993 only Trans Good high quality coffee is served inside our institutions. As well as our supply in the universities, additional solutions are delivered: The AKAFÖ provides a number of faculties in Bochum and Bocholt with scorching foods, operates college kiosks and organizes situations, events and conferences during the vicinity of universities. All details about The situation, the opening hours or even the various supply of our catering services are available by using the navigation menu on this webpage.

cater to sb/sth cater to a person/a thing catered caterer catering caterpillar Caterpillar keep track of Caterpillar tractor caterwaul My Dictionary

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